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Film and TV specialist

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Full Member of the British Society of Clinical Hypnosis

Vaildated Hypnotherapy

I've worked with people in the film and TV industry for over 18 years.

I used to be based in Pinewood Studios, Shepperton Studios and central London. I now work in York for face to face hypnotherapy consultations or by phone for coaching sessions.

I have a passion for the movies. I've worked at Film4, Channel4 and at Pinewood Studios and know how talented everyone in the cast and crew has to be to create a finished film. It's not always easy so I can provide support when needed.

Panic attacks and anxiety
It's sometimes the most outwardly confident people who suffer from panic attacks and anxiety. You may use huge amounts of energy to try to hide signs of crippling anxiety from others.

Hypnotherapy is brilliant for stopping panic attacks, helping you to manage anxiety effectively and use your energy for other things. People can find their confidence boosted, helping them to perform better, for example, pitching successfully or coping with the pressure of auditions.

Clear Writer's Block - enhance your imagination - use your creative unconscious - get your script finished and out there.

Actors Film and TV specialist
Successful interviews and auditions - control nerves - beat performance anxiety - improve memory - boost confidence.

Manage stress - sleep better - control anxiety - have the energy to focus on what's most important.

Visualise and achieve successful outcomes - rediscover high energy levels - maintain enthusiasm over the life of a project.

One-session stop smoking - control weight - banish phobias - and more...

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