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"You did such a fabulous job with me. 8 years on and I am still smoke free" K. M.

"I could not have maintained the non smoking without the help of hypnotherapy" S. K.

“Best £250* I have ever spent! Still a non-smoker after 15 months and I know that I will never smoke again. Thank you!” V. J. [*this was many years ago and the price has changed since then, but you'll break even after a matter of weeks]

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Why one-session stop smoking?
Once you've made the decision to free yourself, a single session is the best way forward.

What do you have to do?
Choose a day that's right for you, when things are likely to be routine rather than stressed.

Before you come for the appointment, I'll ask you to do 5 key things in preparation. Experience from my many clients has shown that when people do these 5 things they find it easier to quit the habit.

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How does it work?
While you are in a relaxed trance state I can make suggestions, agreed with you in advance, direct to your subconscious mind.

These suggestions take into account your particular triggers (how, when, where and why you smoke). Suggestions made when you are in this relaxed state are easier to act on later.

In addition
Many people find that being a non-smoker is easier than they thought (you get an advice sheet to help with any cravings).

There's the option of a free backup session within 3 weeks of your first appointment. Most people don't claim this extra session although they feel reassured that it's there in case they need it.

For more about my way of working, prices and where to find me, see the frequently asked questions

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