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Hypnotherapy for stopping smoking

"I just thought I would email you as it is one year today since I quit the dreaded habit with your help. I really can't thank you enough. I am a very happy non smoker and will absolutely never ever ever put another cigarette in my mouth! Once again, many thanks." AP [Recently confirmed 4 years smoke-free]

“Still amazed that having been a 40 a day smoker I stopped in a heartbeat with NO withdrawal symptoms, no cravings and am now 6 months smoke free.” Pauline S

“Best £250* I have ever spent! Still a non-smoker after 15 months and I know that I will never smoke again. Thank you!” V. J. [*current price £290]

“You did such a fabulous job with me. 8 years on and I am still smoke free. Some of the people I work with are keen to give up smoking and as normal I am singing your praises.” Karen M.

“Just thought I would let you know that your treatment to date has been 100% successful. Thank you and I admire the psychology behind your methods. Thanks again from a practising non-smoker” Mark E

“I am still not smoking and never wish to again!” DB

“All is well - no nicotine in any form since our meeting about 15 months ago, despite stress of a divorce etc. No serious yearnings after a few days elapsed.” J.B.

"It has been surprisingly straightforward and yes I’m enjoying being a non-smoker... The ‘moments’ that pop into your head are now far fewer and further between and equally they really are now only fleeting visits. Eating and weight are much better than I was expecting...
All I can really say is thank you.” F. E.

“I just want to stop and say thank you for changing my life” J. V.

"Hi Sara, just a quick note to let you know it’s been 4 weeks today since our appointment, and have successfully been a non smoker since. Thanks. It seems like a year but has been relatively easy, comfortable to do. I am very grateful." I.C.

"I feel fantastic - can't quite believe it - very calm and not even thinking about the weed, amazing!!! Thank you so much, whatever you've done seems to have worked. My friends are very impressed and I think you may get a couple more calls. Thanks a million." A. P.

"I had tried will power on my own, and patches, but really needed something extra... 18 months later, still a bit mystified but thrilled. I can't wait to go back and let her sort out the rest of my life!" J.F.

“I could not have maintained the non smoking without the help of hypnotherapy” S. K.

"The one thing I am surprised at is how much I am in control of it all, rather than as I thought, which was that it controlled me. I can now have a full evening out enjoying myself on the beers and not smoke, very good!" James H.

"Sorry you've not heard from me for a very long time but just to let you know, in case you wondered, I've just celebrated 6 months without a cigarette! I can't really believe it! And apart from the odd twang of fag envy it's been so easy and I thought it would be sooooooo hard. Thank you so much once again." M.P.

"I no longer smoke. That is something I never thought I would ever be able to say. After numerous and various failed attempts, I can now say it, and the only difference this time was Sara's involvement. It was not simply her exceptional professional qualities and her extensive knowledge and skill, but it was also her personal qualities of care, patience, perseverance and understanding that ensured my success this time. Sara was always there at the end of a phone, via e-mail or in person to offer practical and manageable techniques and ideas, and, quite often, provide a listening ear when it was needed. In addition, a lot of techniques we worked on during the process have had a hugely beneficial and positive effect on other areas of my life, so a fantastic bonus! Thank you Sara!" ES

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Hypnotherapy for performance

“Money well spent." J.O.

Louise was going for her black belt in kick boxing. She’d failed the exam once before and had lost her confidence:

wood kick “Just to let you know that I passed. Which is a relief and joy.
I can’t begin to tell you how grateful I am for your help and how impressed I am that it worked so well.
The comment made by everybody was that I made the breaking look very easy. Can you believe it! I am still in shock that I did it, but at the same time with the help of the visualisation I knew in my heart that I could do it. It went exactly as we planned. block chop
I do know that if I hadn’t spent the time with you it would have been a very different result. I enjoyed the sessions not only were you good company but so professional.
A big, big thank you.” Louise B.

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Hypnotherapy for anxiety and panic attacks

“I came to Sara because I was struggling with anxiety attacks during social occasions. I became so worried that these would occur that I either refused to go or went very unwillingly and found them to be an ordeal. As my social life diminished and the anxiety attacks worsened I sought Sara’s help.

"Sara has shown me several great relaxation techniques to help me before these events. She also encouraged me to look at what I wanted to happen at these functions and not dwell on what I didn’t want to happen.

"Her advice is sound and thought provoking and has caused me to re-think feelings of helplessness and being trapped. I know now that I may not be able to control all eventualities but I appreciate that within me I have the resources to deal with situations I find daunting. I can say now that not only do I not dread going out but I even look forward to it. It is good to feel “normal” again.” Ann C.

These techniques can be used in childbirth too:

“Sara is an excellent teacher. She has a knack for making you feel calm and confident in your abilities. This coupled with the simple breathing techniques she showed me gave me the confidence and tools to have a really positive and straightforward labour. I've always been someone who panics and hyperventilates when scared so I was very apprehensive about giving birth so Sara's help was invaluable and got me through the birth” K.H.

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Hypnotherapy for fears and phobias

Karen’s fear of flying had kept her stuck for many years. We had two sessions before her flight (normally people have three, but time constraints made that impossible) so it was about her learning the techniques that she could apply easily and feel in control:

"The hypnotherapy was a huge success. My family couldn’t believe the difference in me.
That was the first time in 20 years that I have flown without taking strong tranquillisers. I was fine the day before we flew and actually slept the night before... Once airside, I went shopping and bought headphones and some other bits and my son kept commenting on how different I was to previous years.
The plane even dropped suddenly due to being in the tail-wind of a big aeroplane ahead of us and a few people sort of screamed. I even managed to laugh at that point!
Coming home, the terrorist stuff started the day before we were due to fly. This did make me anxious but no more so than anyone else flying at that time. I still managed it without drugs, using the breathing technique for take-off and landing. If all that terrorist business hadn’t occurred I think I would have been very happy on the flight home.
Thanks so much.” Karen

After only 2 sessions, Emma had made huge progress over her fear of birds:

“I thought I would give you a progress report after our last session. I am doing really well with birds and can walk past and be within a foot of a pigeon and not be frightened. I am still a little jumpy if I turn a corner and suddenly see a bird but I soon laugh it off and carry on with my daily business. I have also been to the National Gallery and with a little help from my friend and some deep breaths walked through Trafalgar Square without putting my friend’s coat over my head… which my friends say is a marked improvement.
Thank you so much for all your help. I am so glad I can now walk down a street and not be terrified of screaming at birds or more importantly embarrassing myself.
Kindest regards, Emma L”

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Hypnotherapy for weight control

"Just also a quick update... I have been far happier since our last session – it was a bit of an eye opener! As a result I have lost 2 stone and exercise at least 3 times a week with my “exercise buddies” at work. I also ride my bike every chance I get!" S.H.

“I have now lost 7 stone and I run 3 miles everyday with my dog (apart from Sundays). I have not been taking any tablets for 15 months, so I am now coping with my life as I feel I should be. I love my life, I enjoy every day with my family, I feel that I can cope with any issues that arise now. I no longer suffer with anxiety attacks.
When I met you Sara I thought you were my last chance, I knew I had to get my life back on track, you set me in the right direction, you guided me through the terrible anxiety attacks I would have.
Working with you Sara was a very good life changing experience for me, I can honestly say you changed my life for the better, I will be grateful for that for ever.” I.R.

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